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Our Company

Edaran Komachi is a 100% Bumiputera rice licensed wholesaler which currently supplying “Japanese Rice” M401 “ Super Komachi” & “Koshihikari” imported from California, USA, variety Hananomai Hikari brand and Sona Masoori Herba Ponni Sutra brand imported from India via Bernas.

Edaran Komachi Sdn. Bhd. was founded and headed by a young entrepreneur, En. Ajwad Bin Abu Hassan in 2002. En. Ajwad, having live in Japan for 7 years and divulging himself into the culture and lifestyle of the Japanese, provide him with acute understanding with the needs and requirements of expatriate Japanese and Korean in Malaysia, thus providing Edaran Komachi an upper hand in providing correct formula in targeting Japanese rice market.

As a graduate from Gunma University, Japan, he has had the opportunity to develop his Japanese oral and written communication. At the same time, he had the opportunity to be employed by Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Japan, for 3 years. His employment in one of Japan leading bank helps him in furthering his understanding in the Japanese way of living. He believes that ‘A Japanese will always buy Japanese Brand’ and that is why he chooses Komachi brand M-401, as his first choice of Japonica Rice variation, which has been accepted as the ‘well known’ Japonica Rice brand in Japan.

Currently, Edaran Komachi is enjoying increasing demand from its anchor clients such as Aeon Jusco, Isetan, Daisho Group of Restaurant Chain, Sogo, Mont Kiara Supermarket, Japan Club Supermarket and Restaurant. These anchor clients have been providing a steady and increasing flow of demands from month to month. The trust that the Japanese businesses have put to Edaran Komachi is based on its 100% high quality and reasonably priced Komachi variation Japonica Rice. Edaran Komachi employed refrigerated containers to ensure the correct preservation environment for the rice grain during warehouse storage. Edaran Komachi also has introduced high quality packaging material and method for its distribution to all its clients all through the country.

Our Mision

Our Corporate Mission is to be the driver for the development of Japonica Rice industry for this country at the same time grant success to our customers which include. We strive to:-

  • Build on an understanding of how marketplace needs are changing.
  • We take the time and effort to develop an in-depth understanding of our customers, their businesses, and their objectives.
  • Develop close and long-term relationships with our customers
  • Expand our business to other countries in the region